Dec 4, 2017

and then there were 3!

Hope you all are having an amazing Monday! 🙂

I recently shot this couples maternity session, and it was so beautiful!

Bianca and Ruben met when they were just fifteen years old! (so long ago right!?). They were partners in a quinceanera and hit it off from the beginning! They both remained friends and went their separate ways in college.

Years went on and Ruben returned back to their hometown of El Paso, TX to enter the Air force reserve. They both decided to go out one night and from then on it was history! A seven yearlong crush was finally being played out into a relationship. As time went on, Ruben proposed to Bianca with a HUGE flash mob including all her friends, family, and even some professors from her grad school!

Fast forward after marriage, they are about to have their first baby boy! “Little Roman Alexander has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives, and he has reminded us of God’s grace and love for us and how his plan is always better than what we have planned for ourselves.”




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