Nov 28, 2017

Engagement all vegan boho dinner

YAY! I finally get to share with you this AMAZING day!

My besties are all so incredible! Erika decided to throw me a dinner with my close girlfriends to celebrate my engagement. When I told them the news that I got engaged on our group chat, they said, “I feel like I got engaged too!” which is the cutest thing ever.

I recently became vegan about a month ago, and knowing that I can’t have certain foods Erika threw me an all vegan boho dinner!! I was so surprised and wanted to cry when I saw the final product! With the help of Kaylee and Kristian of course!

I have been craving doughnuts since forever now and she made some that were absolutely delicious!! The meal consisted of Green Goddess pasta, salad, chia pudding, champagne & wine!

I want to thank all of my friends! (Pictured, came a little later, and ones that could not come). You guys are amazing!!! I cannot wait for the bachelorette party!! 🙂

Decor, planning, cooking, HMU: Erika Williams (help of Kaylee and Kristian)



  1. Erika Williams

    November 28th, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    this was SO fun! I love you and would do it so many times again!


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