Oct 11, 2017

Mayfield Park & Preserve Austin, TX Photoshoot

Good Evening!

I wanted to share this amazing shoot in Austin, TX I did before I got super sick! :).

Christine is such a beautiful person inside & out! I am so happy we met! She is also from my hometown of El Paso, TX! (such a small world!).

We decided to take photos at Mayfield Park & Preserve! This is the coolest park ever because while your enjoying the scenery on your walk, there are peacocks surrounding you and the area!! It seems like they are not scared of people and that makes for great photos!

You can see in the photos there are beautiful trees full of Berries, hiking, and much more! If your in the Austin area I recommend you come here! Especially if you love nature like me.

Christine, I had an awesome time shooting with you and I can’t wait to do it again! Go follower her on Instagram for awesome fashion inspiration! 🙂




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